Bare Minimum Prepping

Here’s a great example of how to prep when you don’t really have much money. Dollar stores can be a great resource to find deals especially when you use coupons. So, if your funds are short, that is the best example of a need to prepare. Most families in the US are one paycheck  away from being homeless. If that doesn’t scare you, it should. Everyone should prep, but if you have trouble paying your bills, take a dollar a week if you have to and buy one item.  Just $5.00 or $50.00 a week would be even better as a little goes a long way over time.


It’s great to save money, but having 7 days worth of food storage, at least, would do you a lot better.  That money won’t mean anything in the event of an earthquake, tornado, terrorist attack, truck driver strike, snow storm, or any of the other hundred possible catastrophes we are just one bad day away from.


I started out the same way most people with small budgets do: the famous Ramen Chicken Noodle soup. Lucky, my youngest loves them. We can get them 10 for $1.00 on sale. This is 20 meals for $1.00 when you split a pack. This is in our budget range, so I always toss a box in our cart when shopping.


Keep an eye out for sales on canned foods. I recently seen the dollar store had 12 pack cases of vegetable cans at $3.00 a case. At 25 cents a can it was a no brainer, so I bought 3 cases for less than $10.00. Just keeping an eye out can help you fill your pantry.


One nonfood item I consider important is toilet paper! No matter the situation, toilet paper will make you feel human. Wiping with leaves is just not my thing. Take a look at the coupons available from the manufacturers. If you can’t find any, send an email to them and you may be lucky enough to get a deal.
Some smaller stores will have outdated products priced at almost free. Canned products can last for years past the expiration date. I would take the chance to fill my pantry: the dates are just suggested dates. As long as they don’t rust out they should be fine.


The best way to prep and the world’s best deal is seeds. Seeds cost pennies and give you so much more in return. One kernel of corn will pay you back thousands of kernels in just a few months. Wall street can’t compete with the return gardeners get. One tomato seed will pay you back between 40-80 lbs of tomatoes. If the government was smarter they would be collecting our crops and reselling them. We wouldn’t be trillions of dollars in debt!


Anyone can start prepping with the bare minimums. If you have a dollar or packet of seeds, you have the ability to start stocking your shelves.  Start today!

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