Combat Multipliers

Everyone needs to know how to defend themselves just incase the “SHTF” ever approaches. Not only will you need to think about firearms, you should also think about bettering your odds. Combat multipliers provide a great way to make your position stronger. Thinking about improving your position with combat multipliers should be part of your prepping plan.

A barb wire fence is a great idea but razor wire is even better. Keeping a role or two will allow you to surround your home or bug out location. It’s really hard to pass on foot and most people won’t be carrying wire snip with them. If it won’t stop them, it will definitely slow them down. Barbwire or razor wire can be found used if you keep looking at Craig’s List or at barn sales. Most rolls can be bought used for $10.00 a roll.

Caltrops are highly illegal in most states, so do your research. As a matter of fact, just keep the idea in your head unless the “SHTF” shows up at your front door. These nasty little spikes can be put in strategic locations to slow down advancing invaders and stop cars, ATV’s and people on foot dead in their tracks. Remember, do not build or buy caltrops unless you verify they are legal in your state!

Dogs are an awesome combat multiplier, but are very expendable. Having a few ankle biters may be better than having bigger dogs. They are faster and are harder to shoot because of their size. They are relentless barkers and will at least let you know where the intruders are approaching from.

Black berry bushes are cheap and spread quickly. I love black berries; they are so tasty, but it’s the thorns I’m after. Planting black berry bushes thickly around the perimeter of your property and even under your windows provides security. I have been caught in a black berry bush with overalls once and it had to take 5 minutes to walk 10 feet. No one can run through a proper bush and even if they could, they would be torn up. This is a cheap way to secure your property and windows.

Lastly, these are the most dangerous ways to get the upper hand. Exploding targets or Tannerite can be placed at strategic locations then detonated. Imagine you have a gate entrance where the enemy wants to come at you. What they didn’t know was that you put 2 lbs of Boom Boom powder behind the gate. As they enter, you just have to shoot the can of Tannerite. Someone is going to have a bad day, and it won’t be you!

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