Making A Portable Fork Lock

Having the ability and knowledge to make a portable door lock should be a skill you take time to master. So, I learned from this video that I recommend you take a few minutes to watch and learn from. This is an invaluable tool to use when staying at hotels or using single public restrooms at places like gas stations, bars, parties at stranger’s houses, dorms or many other strange places.

With a fork and a few minutes, you can make this simple lock. It won’t stop someone from kicking in the door, but this can deter someone from breaking in or at least give you some more time for defense or to call for help.

Remember, survival is all about fighting and lasting as long as possible, so this is a simple device that you can make at a diner or hotel. The video shows that you need a vice and hacksaw, but really you can do this on your own.

If you were going to do it without tools, I would put the fork on a chair and step on the fork end with the heel of your shoe. Then break the handle by wiggling it up and down until the metal fatigues and it comes apart. The handle will be hot from friction so be careful picking it up. Then use your hands to bend each tine of the fork one at a time if you can. If not, then use another fork as a lever by using its tines to bed your fork. You can also use the hinge side of a door like a vice to pinch the fork teeth then bend.

To use the lock, put the bent tines in the striker plate in the door jam. Close the door on the fork lock holding it in place. Use the handle of the fork by wedging it between the fork teeth. This will wedge the door shut and give you a good night sleep.

To unlock the door, just pull the handle out and open the door slowly holding the fork to remove it. The whole setup is small enough to put in a wallet, purse or pocket. Wait until the wife goes shopping and give it a shot!

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