Mullen Cough Suppressant

When I catch a cold I just can’t beat it for weeks. I have a problem with coughing and nothing seems to work. I tried all sorts of medications, but they just don’t work. I actually get more phlegm from using most cough suppressants.

I tried all sorts of natural products and teas with limited success. After all sorts of research, I finally found something that works for me. Mullen is the key, and it’s found easily. Mullen is a “weed” that you can see growing on the side of the road and in ditches. It has broad, fuzzy, green leaf.  In the summer, it grows a large shoot about 3’-6’ covered in little yellow flowers.

Mullen can actually cure colds and assists in respiratory issues related to lungs. I have even seen it help with asthma which should really be looked at by people with asthma in case of a SHTF scenario. This natural expectorant’s Latin name is verbascum Thapsus. Some more uses include fever, internal bleeding, migraines and joint pain. Some people claim it has a sedative use as well.

You can drink Mullen in tea or smokes. I never had luck with the tea but smoking it clears out all the phlegm and gets rid of the feeling that you need to cough. I’m not a smoker so when I do take a couple of puffs I really get choked up, but after that, I feel great for a few hours. When you cough so much that you just can’t take it, Mullen comes to the rescue!

When you hunt down this amazing plant, use precautions because they are usually close to the roads.  Exhaust, smoke, and road dust will be all over the plants, and they can be harmful. Also, be sure that they haven’t been sprayed with anything from a land owner or township.

After you collect your Mullen, hang them up to dry for a day or two. When they start to dry out, just rub off the fuzzy hairs with a towel. If you don’t, they act like fiberglass and can irritate you skin and throat when smoking or drinking its tea. If you need it on the spot, don’t worry about drying it.  Just rub it down and then use it.

My preferred way to smoke it when I’m sick is using a pipe. I did try it by wrapping it like a cigarette, but didn’t have any luck.

According to some researchers, Mullen has the capability to fight influenza and herpes viruses. No one really knows everything it cures, but one thing is sure, we find it amazing. I think anyone reading this should learn how to identify this wild plant. Some Mennonite ladies will even use this plant to rub it on their cheeks to make them look rosy red. The small hairs on the leaves cause a mild reaction causing their cheeks to look rosy. They can also be used for toilet paper, but I wouldn’t want a rosy rear so use it at your own risk!

After a lot of research, I found out you can smoke this on a regular basis in place of tobacco. Mixing in some raspberry leaves is also recommended to improve flavor.

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