Keeping Spirits Up Old Games

During the SHTF, times are going to be bad and boring, if we’re lucky. It will be important to try to keep ourselves motivated and positive. It’s not only good for our mentality, but it’s good for our health. Depression brings sickness really fast, and you can’t afford to be sick in an emergency. I suggest getting some board games.

I don’t care for board games myself, but once in a while, my kids sucker me into one. By the time we are done, I find myself in a good mood and feeling good. It gives us a chance to spend time together in a positive way. I even get to win although I know the let me. I have really good kids.

Games will also keep your mind sharp in a time where people will stop doing the things that keep them sharp. “If you don’t use it you lose it” is a very true statement.

We like to stick to simpler games like they used to have when I was a kid. They are more durable and I feel that they are better. Some of the new games are to competitive and make you upset. That’s the last thing you want!

I find most of our games at yard sales and internet sales. You would be surprised on how inexpensive you can find games. A $20.00 bill may get you all the games you would like. Feel free to buy new, but I think one of the traits you need in an economic downturn is being thrifty, so why not start now.

Find games that can be played with a group, with 2 or by yourself. Keep them age friendly so everyone in your group can play or you can play when no one else wants to. Don’t choose electronic games because batteries can be used in much better ways than playing an electronic game.

Consider making some games. Some classic games and puzzles can be made cheaply and are usually more fun in my house. I like to make wood toys and games in the winter. It’s my down time, so I take advantage of that time by wood working.


Some simpler wood games you can make are:

  • Wood Tic, Tack, Toe
  • Triangle game- Where you jump pegs and try to get left with one
  • Hook and ring toss
  • Wood fishing game- This is fun for all ages!
  • Shoot the moon game

You can find plans online to make all of these games. Some other games that can also help you with skills are a balance board, dart boards and archery. These sorts of games help you with your hand eye coordination.

So, you can see here that games are a good idea and can keep people occupied instead of arguing. This is a fun way to interact with each other building bonds. Using skills like darts and archery will help you sharpen your skills and gives you an opportunity to teach others. Archery specifically may be a necessary skill that you would want to teach your children because they may need it to survive one day.

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