Applying Heat Injury Treatments

treating heat injuries
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If you live in a tropical area, chances are you’re always told to put on sunscreen and wear anything and everything you can to protect your skin from heat injuries. If you’re not using an umbrella, you’re wearing sunglasses and a cap.

The summer season makes things worse, increasing the likelihood of dehydration, sunburn, and heat stroke. Fret not, as being prepared can not only help treat any possible heat injuries but also prevent them from happening in the first place.

Quick Tips

First of all, please drink enough water every single day. Understand that every amount of fluid removed through perspiration and urination needs to be replaced. On average, a person must drink at least nine glasses of water daily.

As the temperature rises in your area, you should drink more water. And if you’re unsure of whether you’ve drunk enough water or not, all you have to do is look at your urine color. Usually, having urine that isn’t almost clear means you need to drink more.

Other useful tips to prevent heat injuries would be to close your mouth and wear sunglasses. Seriously, you’re better off closing your mouth to prevent it from drying out and making you thirsty. Likewise, wearing sunglasses is essential to stop your retinas from getting burnt, which isn’t as difficult as it seems.

Treating Heat Injuries

  • Heat Exhaustion

If you become horribly dehydrated and you’re low on electrolytes, you could experience heat exhaustion. Some of the symptoms are nausea, an abnormal amount of perspiration, lightheadedness, and having a headache. Worse, if you don’t treat heat exhaustion immediately, you could have a heat stroke.

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If you can ask for professional help, do that. Otherwise, try to rehydrate yourself immediately and take some rest. As previously mentioned, you’ve lost so many electrolytes, so go ahead and drink a bottle of Gatorade or any other sports drink.

  • Heat Cramps

It’s fairly simple to identify heat cramps. If you experience awful cramps after sweating a lot and doing some tremendous physical activities, you most likely have heat cramps.

Just like heat exhaustion, you will need to rehydrate and get some much-needed rest. Also, you must restore your electrolytes. Now, if you don’t have Gatorade, you can just put half a teaspoon of salt into two cups of water.

In addition, get a massage from your friends or relatives to relax your muscles and boost circulation.

  • Heat Stroke

This is the worst heat injury. If you don’t treat this immediately, you could die. Even if you don’t perish, you could suffer permanent body damage.

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The symptoms alone are incredibly severe: liver failure, brain damage, inability to perspire, kidney failure, and having problems in both your body’s coagulation and in your central nervous system.

If you want to stay alive, you need to treat heat strokes as soon as possible. You must not be alone when you suffer from a heat stroke because you will become unconscious. Someone must be around to move you on your side. If he or she doesn’t, you could easily vomit yourself to death.

Since you are unconscious, rehydration must also be done through an intravenous solution. Moreover, your clothes must be taken off and you should be splashed with cold water to cool down your temperature. Other helpful tips would be to put ice on your armpit, neck, and groin area.

Ideally, you must get professional help as soon as you can.

And that’s it. As you know by now, you cannot underestimate the effects of heat injuries. In the end, you should always try your best to prevent them by staying hydrated and replenished with electrolytes.

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