Creating an Emergency Water Filter Using a Bottle

water filter bottle
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If you ever get stuck in the middle of nowhere with nothing but an empty plastic bottle, you can still assure yourself that you’ll have something to drink. This isn’t the ideal solution, but it’s necessary for survival. Here, you’ll learn how to construct a water filter using a plastic bottle.

Emergency Filtration

First of all, making this quick water bottle filter does not mean you will have pure, clean drinking water. Never equate filtered water with purified water. As much as you want to be safe, there can be a time when resources become scarce.

If you can find any surface water, great! By then, all you have to do is conduct emergency filtration to get rid of contaminants in the water. Of course, this will not remove every single water contaminant, but this is better than having no filtration at all. If you have the resources, you can even continue with purification to effectively destroy pathogens, parasites, and all the deadly bacteria.

Moreover, the best emergency water filtration system consists of several layers that have various textures. For example, one of the layers could be coarse as it becomes filled with grass, dried leaves, and gravel. On the other hand, a fine filtration layer can have bits of charcoal, sand, and even coffee.

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While it won’t make your water pure, a decent emergency water filter can take away insects, cysts, pesticides, fuel, sediment, and quite a lot of debris. In fact, the filtration system works best against waterborne cysts since they can exist even after a purification process.

Applying Instructions

The first thing you have to do is to cut the bottom part of the plastic bottle. After this, you should remove the bottle cap and punch a hole in it using a sharp object such as a knife. Once you’ve done this, return the bottle cap on the water bottle.

Now, it’s time to get some fine material for one of your layers. If you have charcoal in the area, go ahead and pulverize it by slamming it down on hard ground. If you have a towel or any piece of cloth, use that to collect the bits of charcoal.

Put the charcoal inside the bottle through the bottom area you cut beforehand. You’ll also need another fine material like sand or coffee. Usually, the final things you’ll place inside your emergency water filter bottle are rocks since they’re one of the easiest things to find. If you have a bandana or any piece of cloth, you can put it on top of the bottle’s bottom area. This will improve the filtration process and get rid of more debris.

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Finally, pass some water through your plastic bottle until it starts looking clear enough to drink.

Here’s a quick note: If you’re going to use a filter bottle for a long period of time, you mustn’t forget to replace the layers with new material every once in a while. In addition, always investigate the top layer and see if there is any debris. You must do this frequently since your filter device is quite small.

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