Dealing with a Wildfire

surviving a wildfire
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As the population grows and people seek bigger and better homes, more and more houses are constructed in areas near forests, especially in the woodlands. Likewise, many people wish to have a homestead near these settings so they could leave the chaotic city life. The problem is when a wildfire appears out of nowhere. As much as you want to have an off-grid and peaceful lifestyle, you cannot predict the fast spread of a wildfire. So, how can you survive a wildfire?

Making a Plan

The first thing you must remember is that the danger of a wildfire is always around if you’re living in woody areas. Thus, you shouldn’t worry about it only when it’s arrived. Instead, you should be prepared as soon as possible. This includes the possibility of leaving your home and most of your belongings to escape the wildfire.

One of the best things to do is to always observe the weather reports and check for any fire alerts. Even if a wildfire is several miles away, you cannot treat it as if it won’t reach you in the long run.

The next step is to create an area around your house that prevents the wildfire from spreading rapidly. Make sure that no trees or bushes are near or in direct contact with your house. See, you need to stop any combustibles from interacting with the wildfire. Get rid of any highly flammable pine trees and dead, dried plants. Check the gutters for any flammable debris.

Choosing the Right Things

This doesn’t mean removing all of your plants and trees. You can still have a fantastic garden, but make sure that what you plant contains a high amount of moisture. Some of these include lilac bushes, maple trees, buckthorn trees, and birch trees. You can even keep grass, provided you water them sufficiently.

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Likewise, the materials you use to build structures should be fire resistant, including your roofing shingles. Any propane you have must not be in direct contact with your house. Firewood should be at least 20 feet away from your home.

Keep your swimming pool or water tank filled with water so they can be used to remove the incoming fire. If the wildfire is already quite near your home, you should prepare by having a water hose with enough power to spray up to your roof.

Escaping the Wildfire

If there’s a fire alert in your area, you need to prepare for an evacuation even if there are still no official orders. Grab your emergency supplies and put them in your car while you wait for further instructions. Change the position of your car to face the road.

Remove the curtains and turn off your air conditioner to prevent smoke from entering through the ducts. However, it’s actually a good idea to keep the lights of on so rescuers and authorities could see your house better even with all the smoke. In addition, don’t forget to keep the doors open so firefighters won’t have to destroy the doors to enter your home.

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More importantly, your friends and relatives must have a meet-up place in case all of you are currently separated from each other. Perhaps some of them are still at work or in school, so a gathering place must be established.

In the end, you must be observant and ready with a plan. Even if the wildfire reaches your house, you should know the appropriate steps to take.

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