Enduring a Blizzard inside a Vehicle

surviving a blizzard
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Our modernized weather forecast systems have helped people know when blizzards are likely to arrive. However, it’s still difficult to accurately identify the amount of snowfall and the intensity of storms. As much as predictions are helpful, they cannot always save everyone from getting stuck in their car during a blizzard. If this does happen, what can you do to ensure survival?


If you will travel in your car throughout the winter season regardless of any blizzard warnings, it’s best to stay prepared. First of all, you need to bring essential items such as flashlights, glow sticks, and signal flags to get the attention of rescuers. You must also bring enough food and water to last you for at least three days.

Try bringing food high in protein to effectively maintain your core body temperature. To avoid freezing the water, put the water inside a Styrofoam container wrapped with an insulating material such as newspapers. Bring a first aid kit and blankets to keep you warm during the blizzard. To provide temporary light and additional warmth, bring stuff that can burn for a long time. For example, bring candles and cotton draped in petroleum jelly.

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Don’t forget to bring a battery box or a couple of jumper cables to jump-start your car. And if the snow becomes too much, you should prepare a shovel and a knife to scrape away the ice. You should keep a power bank to maintain communication with others using your phone.

Becoming Stranded

When you have surely become stuck in a blizzard, you must immediately contact other people to report your situation. This is also when you must put the glow sticks and signal flags around the vehicle for others to see. If you are not on the road, place these in areas where drivers and passersby could see them.

Now, check your car and verify if the exhaust tailpipe isn’t covered by any debris. If it is, remove the debris or snow immediately to avoid toxic fumes from entering your car. Similarly, keep at least a single window open by just a tiny bit to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

To keep you and your car warm, start the engine and let it run for several minutes every hour. To stop the heat from escaping immediately, do not needlessly open the doors. Don’t forget to wear your blankets.

Staying Alert

It’s going to be difficult to stay mentally strong when you’re stuck in a blizzard and you’re alone. Once the winds become too much, visibility will become an issue. If you truly believe you need to get out of your car, remember first to place a rope around you and attach it to your car. Don’t think you won’t need the rope even if you’re just moving several meters away. It’s easier to become disorientated than you imagine.

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When the blizzard is finally gone but you’re still stuck, light a candle or a signal fire to stay warm and alert potential rescuers. Do not leave your vehicle unless there’s danger attached to it. Rescuers expect you to be in your vehicle. Going out can make you lost, and that will only exacerbate the situation. As long as you have your emergency supplies, you’re better off staying in your car during a blizzard.

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