Resisting Sleep Deprivation in Dire Consequences

sleep deprivation while being lost
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Sleep deprivation is never a good thing, so how terrible is it to become sleep deprived while being lost or stranded? Many people stay up late due to work, school, or any other common reason, but others experience this under worse conditions.

Survival and Sleep Deprivation

The symptoms of sleep deprivation can prove to be deadly if you don’t deal with them immediately. For example, you could have headaches, confusion, hallucinations, and hand tremors. If you’re wandering in an unfamiliar environment, you wouldn’t want these to happen to you. If you are stuck in a forest or swamp, the possibility of memory loss could keep you from finding the right routes. Your companions won’t also benefit from your sleep deprivation. Your blood pressure will increase and your stress and irritability levels will become more drastic.

The human body can only withstand so much of sleep deprivation until it forces you to close your eyes, even if you’re still driving on the road. Being sleep deprived will ruin the focus and concentration required to get out of dangerous situations. Both your mind and your body will become too tired to function properly. In fact, sleep deprivation has long been a preferred torture and interrogation method.

Facing Fear

Under normal conditions, the darkness will help you fall asleep. But if you’re lost in the wilderness, the darkness causes fear. Likewise, your anxiety is only exacerbated by the chilly weather at night. This will keep you awake all night, even though this is the best time to rest.

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Essentially, you will be unable to effectively hunt for food, collect water, and build a decent shelter during the day. In fact, wielding a sharp tool while sleep deprived can be dangerous since you can accidentally hit yourself with it. Even moving around will be difficult since you can pass out and hit your head or fall from a cliff.

Another awful effect of sleep deprivation is the inability to detect that you are experiencing something fatal, such as dehydration and even hypothermia.

In order to get rid of your fear, you should seek shelter in trees or caves. Of course, carefully check them before deciding to stay in these areas. At the least, you’ll have a temporary shelter and a sense of security from whatever lurks in the dark.

Conquering Darkness

Another strategy is to raise your sleeping area. Try gathering a dead log or anything massive to act as the base. After this, cover them with a lot of leaves and grass to create a bit of cushioning. Because of the elevation, you’ll feel that it would be less likely for snakes and insects to suddenly crawl on you. Don’t forget to place some thorny plants or any sharp objects around your sleeping area. Basically, you are improving your psyche to induce sleep instead of actually assuring that you’ll be completely safe.


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Moreover, drink enough water and don’t stay hungry before you sleep at night. Gather as many resources as you can during the day to prevent starvation and dehydration. It would be better if you had emergency supplies with you. Lastly, make some fire at night not only for cooking animal meat, but also to provide light and scare away any potential predators.

Being lost or stranded is already a bad thing, so don’t exacerbate your situation by ignoring the severe effects of sleep deprivation.

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