Thriving Without Owning a Refrigerator

living without a fridge
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In this modern age, you probably think it would be impossible to survive without owning a fridge. However, that’s not true. In fact, you can thrive without having to rely on something that significantly increases your electricity bills ever month.

You don’t need to be filthy rich or live in the cold Siberian region to survive without a fridge.

Saving Bills and Eating Well

One of the biggest benefits of not owning a fridge is the amount of money you’ll save. Through these savings, you will have more money to invest in prepping and homesteading. But how can you and your family eat well without a fridge to preserve all the food you have? Well, this is where seasonal and local food comes into the picture.

Seasonal eating refers to consuming the food that is readily available at a certain time of the year. Picking seasonal food is a fantastic idea because not only will they be in their best flavor, but they will also be cheaper than usual because of the peak harvest time.

If you think about it, refrigeration isn’t always the best option anyway. Don’t you notice how fruits such as apples and grapes don’t taste as good the moment they are kept in the fridge for long? See, they’re best consumed the time they are gathered.

Examining the Seasons

During the spring season, many food items would already be gone. Luckily, the spring season provides everyone with a huge amount of eggs, pasta, and rice, among others. Summer is the time when it’s easy to live without consuming any meat. It might be incredibly hot, but you will have a load of greens and vegetables to keep you healthy.

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Once fall arrives, you can butcher the excess animals and treat your family to a lot of protein. The animal meat will surely help you survive the incoming winter season. In winter, all of the stored root vegetables will be necessary for making the best-tasting stews, soups, and roast dinners.

Now, this does not apply to everyone out there as each region will have their own seasonal foods. What’s necessary is to know the local market and create your own seasonal meals in accordance with what are available each season and all year round.

Picking the Right Food

The presence and availability of fridges have made a lot of people believe that many foods easily get spoiled, but that’s not true. For example, olive oil is actually better off staying in a cool, dry area than in the chilly confines of the fridge.

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Honey is another item that should not be in the fridge. After all, the cold temperature rapidly increases the crystallization process. Don’t forget that honey can be used to dress wounds.

Homemade bread is a good choice too since it doesn’t get molds the same way manufactured, grocery bread does. Instead of having a lot of molds, homemade bread begins to dry out, which makes it a good choice for making French toast. Aside from these, tomatoes, apples, garlic, and onions are better off in cool places outside the fridge.

Overall, you should not feel worried if you ever have to ditch your fridge. Not only will you save money, but you will also learn how to pick and eat food during their peak seasons.

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